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Zoobs is an award-winning British artist, applauded by critics all over the globe. His art incorporates different cultures and their representations into breathtaking iconic images. Along with his artistic side, Zoobs also runs an awareness campaign ‘Freedom From Sorrow’ which fundraises for children’s charities worldwide. His Kate Middleton collage in Sex Pistols style “God Save the Future Queen” was sold for £20,000, benefitting his chosen charities.

Zoobs now joins our campaign to create an eclectic Iconic Rickshaw using his distinct photography and mixed media techniques.


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In supporting Mica Gallery, one lucky bidder will now experience riding an Iconic Rickshaw for 1 week !!! Interested yourself? Get in touch to find out how…


During her gracious 60 years on the throne, Her Majesty the Queen has supported the nation through tough times and prosperous times. Let’s follow her example and support nations on their journey towards global prosperity.


A couple of weekends ago, London revelled with well-wishers paying homage to Queen Elizabeth II and Iconic Rickshaws for Relief were no exception. The Queen of Diamonds Iconic Rickshaw took centre stage at Chelsea Harbour Pier, wishing Her Maj a Bon Voyage as she set sail for the Thames River Pageant.


Zoobs’ Iconic Rickshaw ‘Queen of Diamonds’ attracted a buzz of interest during our launch event at Southbank Centre’s Alchemy Festival.


‘Queen of Diamonds’ created by award winning artist Zoobs – – a vibrant edgy art piece celebrating Queens Diamond Jubilee!