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THE 99 is a group of comic-styled animated superheroes born of a Middle East archetype that work together to fight evil wherever it is found. Forbes described THE 99 as “one of the top 20 trends sweeping the globe.” For Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa, (the creator of THE 99) the efforts have been greatly rewarding. He’s the recipient of a litany of awards including The United Nations Alliance of Civilization “Marketplace of Ideas” Award, a UNESCO prize for literature in the service of tolerance and personal accolades from President Barack Obama, among others.

Their comic book styled Iconic Rickshaw will bring THE 99 superheroes to life whilst capturing the imagination of people across all cultures.


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In supporting Mica Gallery, one lucky bidder will now experience riding an Iconic Rickshaw for 1 week !!! Interested yourself? Get in touch to find out how…


During her gracious 60 years on the throne, Her Majesty the Queen has supported the nation through tough times and prosperous times. Let’s follow her example and support nations on their journey towards global prosperity.



First the Batmobile, then Lightning McQueen joined the trend. Now Iconic Rickshaws for Relief presents THE99 Iconic Rickshaw!!!


A comic book, a television series, a theme park and now an Iconic Rickshaw. THE 99 have collaborated with Iconic Rickshaws for Relief to present to the world a poverty fighting work of art.