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Bareeze is synonymous with luxurious textiles and couture fashion with 150 boutiques in Pakistan and over 20 spread throughout the world. However, behind this burgeoning business lies another side that many may not know. Seema Aziz’s (founder of Bareeze) philanthropic vision led to an educational revolution in Pakistan through the formation of 225 schools.

CARE Pakistan joins Qismat Trust’s goal to reach the 1 million child milestone and hopes to drive attention towards their cause by creating an Iconic Bareeze Rickshaw draped in their rich fabrics and renowned filigree of embroidery.


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A close up of the Bareeze Iconic Rickshaw for those who have seen us yet.

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In supporting Mica Gallery, one lucky bidder will now experience riding an Iconic Rickshaw for 1 week !!! Interested yourself? Get in touch to find out how…


Representing Pakistan, the Bareeze Iconic Rickshaw was spotted supporting Pakistani Torch Bearer, Zainab Imran, at her celebratory gala hosted by the Pakistani High Commission in London.

Bareeze Rickshaw


During her gracious 60 years on the throne, Her Majesty the Queen has supported the nation through tough times and prosperous times. Let’s follow her example and support nations on their journey towards global prosperity.



Straight from the highway on to the runway, here is a sneak peak from the Bareeze and Iconic Rickshaws of Relief spring and summer collection.


Bareeze’s take on fashion as living art is manifest through this design on what is soon to be a sustainable livelihood for a family and a contribution towards ending extreme poverty. Who said fashion can’t be ethical.