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Apl.de.Ap, co-founder of the multinational hip-hop band Black Eyed Peas and educational ambassador for his island nation of the Philippines, directs his charity work mainly towards learning programs in his homeland through the Apl.de.Ap Foundation (AdAF) in partnership with the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation.

By joining Iconic Rickshaws, Apl.de.Ap aims to contribute towards achieving universal primary education for children in support of Goal 2 of the Millennium Development Goals.


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In supporting Mica Gallery, one lucky bidder will now experience riding an Iconic Rickshaw for 1 week !!! Interested yourself? Get in touch to find out how…


During her gracious 60 years on the throne, Her Majesty the Queen has supported the nation through tough times and prosperous times. Let’s follow her example and support nations on their journey towards global prosperity.



Apl.de.Ap’s Iconic Rickshaw making an appearance at the Clinton Foundation Millennium Network event.


Giving 100% effort, Apl.de.Ap practices his lines as our Goodwill Ambassador for our upcoming video.


Apl.de.Ap looking ever so proud as he unveiled his ‘We Can Be Anything’ Iconic Rickshaw.


WeCanBeAnything is an education advocacy campaign, born of a partnership between the Apl.de.Ap Foundation (AdAF) and the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation (NCAF).


If you think Apl.de.Ap’s unique style is memorable, wait til you see his Iconic Rickshaw. Can’t handle the anticipation? OK here’s a preview.


You’ve probably listened to Apl.de.Ap from the Black Eyed Peas while sitting in your car. Get this – he’s now on a car. Watch this space to find out how you can meet him.